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Restoring teeth to boost self-esteem

Using the highest quality materials, our experienced dental professionals at Guildhall Dental can create stunning, healthy smiles – something our patients from across East Anglia are delighted to show off.

Crowns help repair teeth that have been damaged or lost through decay, or chipped in an accident. It’s a restorative and cosmetic procedure that allows you to eat with ease and have a stunning smile to boot.

One step closer to a better smile

Crowns, or caps as they are sometimes known, are covers for damaged or unsightly teeth. They are carefully crafted to look natural and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Key benefits

To find out what’s possible, register as a new patient to book an appointment with us or look at our patient gallery to see what previous patients have experienced.


What are crowns made of?

Crowns can be made from gold, porcelain or a combination of both, and more recently ceramic. Ceramic crowns are carefully crafted to look more natural and blend in with the rest of your teeth. We can advise you which type of crown would be best for your particular problem.

What does treatment involve?

First, we clean and prepare your teeth for treatment, then take a set of impressions that we use to create your new tooth. You will be given a temporary crown until the new crown is ready for you.

How long does a crown last?

We only use the best materials for long-lasting and natural results. A dental crown is designed to be used for many years, so it’s important to look after the crown in the same way as your natural teeth, by sticking to a good daily oral routine and attending regular appointments with our hygienists.

Why choose us?

At Guildhall Dental we take a preventive approach to dental health and would not wish to compromise your natural teeth for cosmetic purposes. We also pride ourselves on our long-standing reputation for providing the very best in dental services to families in the Bury St Edmunds’ community.